Exclusive distribution to only veterinary clinics results in limited to no competition for many medications

Exclusive distribution of pet medication results in higher prices
Currently, pet medications are only supplied directly to vets, which leads to higher prices for pet owners.

Without direct access to the written prescriptions, pharmacies must spend valuable time (and money) to verify the validity of each prescription with the prescribing veterinarian. These calls take valuable time, and increase the end cost of the end medication to the pet owner.

In addition, pharmacies must pay distributors higher costs for the pet medications since pharmaceutical manufacturers typically only supply to vets. Some of these higher costs are passed on to the customers, which reduces the savings the pet owner should be receiving by filling a prescription at an online pet pharmacy or retail chain pharmacy.

Plus, vets often charge pet owners prescription release fees if they want to fill their pet’s prescription elsewhere. These fees often wipe out the savings from buying for less at another pharmacy.