I have saved over $250/month by not using 1800petmeds anymore and getting meds at CVS and VetGuardPlus at Albertsons.

Corey – California

“Our dog Buddy rules the roost as the only dog in a house with 6 cats.  I have a great relationship with our local vet, who’s been our go-to pet healthcare provider since 1984, but with so many pets in the house, costs definitely add up.  Buddy has been mostly healthy except for a joint problem in his front paw which causes him a slight limp and slightly limited mobility for a dog of his age, so he requires medication for joint health and pain management.

After learning that I could purchase some of Buddy’s joint medication from our local pharmacy, I stopped by to compare the price with what our vet offered.  I was thrilled to learn that I could save nearly 70% a year on Buddy’s medication!  I recommend that everyone, whether they have one pet or a multiple-pet household like mine, look into the savings they can achieve by visiting a retailer for pet medication.”

Liz – Florida

FINALLY my Vet coughed up my dog’s script.  I have been telling her about Sam’s Club’s new program for months and she finally gave me the pink sheet that I could take to my local pharmacy.

Sara – Florida

“Having the ability to purchase medications for my pet from the pharmacy instead of my vet will save me money.  Over a two year period, I watched the cost of my son’s Concerta jump from $120/month to $225/month.  When it went over $200 per month I complained to my pharmacist who told me there were generic drugs available, but I had to go back to my doctor to have her prescribe them.  I was frustrated that my doctor had not given me any options previously.  Although my son has to take his medication twice a day now instead of once a day with Concerta, my monthly cost dropped to only $23!  If the vet is the one prescribing and selling me medications for my pet, there is no incentive for him/her to provide me with cost saving options like my local pharmacist.  Thank goodness that he was as concerned as I was about getting what I needed for an affordable price!”

Sandy – Idaho

“On multiple occasions, I’ve been able to gain access to much-needed prescription medications for myself at a much lower cost because generic forms were available. If it weren’t for a generic option, I would not have been able to fit these medications into my budget. I’m glad I have options when it comes to the medications I use, and I believe I should have the same choices when it comes to purchasing medication for my pet.”

Amanda – Idaho

Our family has 2 Labs (Cocoa, age 5 and Bodie, age 11).  They have been an important part of our children’s lives from the time they were born.  Recently I heard of a new program offered at Costco where I can purchase my dog’s Heartgard medicine.  I asked my Vet about this program and she said that couldn’t be true.  I decided to call my local Costco’s pharmacy and ask them if I could buy my Heartworm medicine from them and they said absolutely, simply bring your script from your Vet and they would be happy to fill it on my next visit.  One week later I was at the Vet having my oldest Lab, Bodie, looked at because he is starting to go blind.  I asked my Vet if I could take my script to Costco to fill it up and she said, “What are you talking about?” I mentioned that I called Costco and they said they can now fill all of my pets’ pharmacy needs.  My Vet was puzzled, however, she did give me both my Heartworm script and 2 other prescriptions for my aging Lab.  My savings was over $73.00 from my last visit of the same items!  2 of these items I have to purchase every other month.  THANK YOU COSTCO!

Cindy – Illinois 

I purchased my Heartworm medicine from Kroger this week and my savings was more than $65.50 for a 6 month dose.

Jeff – California

My wife recently purchased our dog’s Rimadyl at our local grocery store pharmacy – she has been bragging about how much she saved for the past 2 weeks.  Is this the same program that Sam’s Club has?

Ben – Utah

I am now buying my meds at my local CVS and saving a ton. Thank you APAW for all the hard work you guys do.

Russel – Ohio


The fairness to pet owners act (FTPOA) is a congressional bill that will benefit pet owners by giving them access to affordable medication for their pets.  If passed, pet owners will be allowed to choose where to fill their pet’s prescription, just like humans do for their prescriptions.