Cindy – Illinois

“Our family has 2 Labs (Cocoa, age 5 and Bodie, age 11).  They have been an important part of our children’s lives from the time they were born.  Recently I heard of a new program offered at Costco where I can purchase my dog’s Heartgard medicine.  I asked my Vet about this program and she said that couldn’t be true.  I decided to call my local Costco’s pharmacy and ask them if I could buy my Heartworm medicine from them and they said absolutely, simply bring your script from your Vet and they would be happy to fill it on my next visit.  One week later I was at the Vet having my oldest Lab, Bodie, looked at because he is starting to go blind.  I asked my Vet if I could take my script to Costco to fill it up and she said, “What are you talking about?” I mentioned that I called Costco and they said they can now fill all of my pets’ pharmacy needs.  My Vet was puzzled, however, she did give me both my Heartworm script and 2 other prescriptions for my aging Lab.  My savings was over $73.00 from my last visit of the same items!  2 of these items I have to purchase every other month.  THANK YOU COSTCO!”