Liz – Florida

“Our dog Buddy rules the roost as the only dog in a house with 6 cats.  I have a great relationship with our local vet, who’s been our go-to pet healthcare provider since 1984, but with so many pets in the house, costs definitely add up.  Buddy has been mostly healthy except for a joint problem in his front paw which causes him a slight limp and slightly limited mobility for a dog of his age, so he requires medication for joint health and pain management.

After learning that I could purchase some of Buddy’s joint medication from our local pharmacy, I stopped by to compare the price with what our vet offered.  I was thrilled to learn that I could save nearly 70% a year on Buddy’s medication!  I recommend that everyone, whether they have one pet or a multiple-pet household like mine, look into the savings they can achieve by visiting a retailer for pet medication.”

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