Questions to Ask Your Vet and Pharmacists About Pet Medications

As a pet owner, you play an important role in protecting your pet’s health. By ensuring that you are educated about your pet’s health and wellness and have a clear understanding of which prescribed medication works best for your animals, you will be well equipped to keep your beloved pet healthy.

Because pet medications can be extremely costly, it is not uncommon for pet owners to face financial challenges in order to meet their pet’s healthcare needs. Fortunately, pet medications can now be purchased for savings of up to 80 percent at your local retail pharmacies, including Walmart and Costco. Outlined below are three simple steps to help you jump start your savings, as well as important questions that you should ask your vet and neighborhood retail pharmacist.

Three Simple Steps to Save

  1. During your next vet appointment, ask for your pet’s prescription
  2. Take the prescription to your local retail pharmacy to be filled
  3. Save BIG on vet grade quality medications

Questions to Ask Your Vet:

Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist: