Sandy – Idaho

“Having the ability to purchase medications for my pet from the pharmacy instead of my vet will save me money.  Over a two year period, I watched the cost of my son’s Concerta jump from $120/month to $225/month.  When it went over $200 per month I complained to my pharmacist who told me there were generic drugs available, but I had to go back to my doctor to have her prescribe them.  I was frustrated that my doctor had not given me any options previously.  Although my son has to take his medication twice a day now instead of once a day with Concerta, my monthly cost dropped to only $23!  If the vet is the one prescribing and selling me medications for my pet, there is no incentive for him/her to provide me with cost saving options like my local pharmacist.  Thank goodness that he was as concerned as I was about getting what I needed for an affordable price!”