Summer Pet Safety

The dog days of summer are almost upon us!  Sunshine and longer days allow us to spend more time with our pets outdoors, so whether your take your pup camping, hiking, or to the beach, keep these tips in mind for a safe summer:

  • Hydrate Your Hound
    Your dog should consume about one ounce of water per day for each pound of body weight, but this number increases when he is more active or spends time in high temperatures.  Be sure to carry a water bottle or portable water bowl and offer it to your pet frequently to avoid dehydration.

  • Watch for Signs of Heat Stroke
    Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs include: unusually heavy panting and difficulty breathing, vomiting, thick salvia, bright red tongue and mucous membranes, disorientation and collapsing.  If you notice any of these signs, move your dog to a cooler place and contact your vet immediately!

  • Protect Your Pet from the Sun
    Dogs, especially those with short or predominantly white fur, can suffer from sunburns.  Apply a PABA-free SPF 15 or higher to the tips of the ears, bridge of the nose, groin area, underbelly and any other places with thinner fur or exposed skin.

  • Keep Them Flea-Free
    Warm, sandy beach environments are prime breeding grounds for fleas.  To avoid a post-beach infestation, treat your dog with a vet grade flea treatment that will kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs, and repel new pests.

“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.”  – Bob Barker