What is APAW and what does it stand for?

The Advocacy for Pets and Affordable Wellness (APAW) provides a unified voice of advocacy and support for individuals who are passionate about keeping their beloved, four-legged friends healthy.  APAW strives to offer an informative forum where pet owners can voice their perspectives, thoughts and concerns, as well as obtain important information specifically about over-the-counter and prescription pet medications.  Through action, empowerment and education, APAW is committed to bringing to life the financial challenges associated with pet ownership while enlightening the pet community about the significant cost savings they can realize by purchasing vet grade medications through alternative resources—including non-veterinary retailers and pharmacies.

Who are APAW’s members?

APAW is a national coalition of pet owners and advocates dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of America’s pets and empowering pet owners everywhere to demand affordable, quality health care and medicine for their animals.

Do you have any non-profit partnerships?

Yes, we have aligned ourselves with like-minded organizations, including www.guidedog.org and www.vetdogs.org.  APAW encourages pet lovers to support their local charities and we have made it our goal to also provide our support by promoting these organizations on our website and through participant outreach.

How can an individual get involved to help spread the word?

There are a variety of ways individuals can get involved in APAW.  APAW’s Ambassador Program “PAWdvocates” encourages participants to help spread the word about the availability of affordable pet mediations within their local communities. We also encourage individuals to participate by visiting our website and telling us their stories about how they saved money by purchasing their pet medications through their local retailer.

How does APAW support pet owners struggling financially with pet medications?

Our website www.APAW.org offers a powerful resource for pet owners, including real pet owner stories offering hope and advice, blogs and a listing of retailers who offer affordable pet medication options.

Where can pet owners find more easily accessible and affordable pet medications?

Affordable pet medications can be found at Costco, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club and Fred Meyer, just to name a few.

Can I really save money by purchasing pet medications through retail pharmacies?

You can absolutely realize life changing savings by purchasing vet grade pet medications at retail versus through your veterinarian. In some cases veterinarians have been known to mark up their medications by as much as 100 percent. While we respect the vet/pet owner relationship and all they do to keep our pets healthy, we feel it is important to let pet owners know that they can really save money by getting their prescription from their vets and then purchasing the meds through their local pharmacy.

Can pet owners get the same quality pet medications from these other retail outlets?

Yes, the offerings available through these retailers are the same, if not better quality pet medications that you would normally purchase through your veterinarian. These medications are vet quality formulated.

Do the retail pharmacies carry all of the same kinds of pet medications as my veterinarian?

Yes, retail pharmacies offer the same offerings as veterinarians.

How much money can pet owners expect to save by getting their pet medications at retail pharmacies?

Every pharmacy will offer different price points, but on average, pet owners should be able to save upwards of 80 percent on their pet medication costs.

What if I get my pet medication at a retail pharmacy and my pet has a reaction during the middle of the night? I can’t go to the pharmacy. What do I do?

All pet medications sold through retail pharmacies carry an 800# on their packaging in case of emergency where qualified experts can talk you through the medical issue and provide support. Additionally, your vet should still be available to provide assistance regardless of where you purchased your medications.

How will my vet be affected by the fact that pet owners can purchase their pet medications at retail pharmacies?

Historically, vets have generated significant revenue by selling pet medications direct to their patients.  Now that these other options are available, vets will need to identify new ways to supplement their income either by lowering the cost of their pet medications to match the lower costs available at retail or by raising costs of their services.  They might also need to consider new revenue sources such as selling top-line pet foods.